Custom Blinker Bulbs

January 29th, 2010 at 9:32 pm

The rear blinker bulbs stick out like a soar thumb.  I wanted to eliminate the orange color so I decided to do the same thing I did to my front blinker bulbs on my Rabbit.  It’s rather easy and only costs ~$5.00.

All you need to buy is a can of Dupli-Color High Heat Aluminum spray paint.

Holding the can a ~16 inches from the bulb, spray in small bursts.  I split the bulb into 4 sections, spraying a burst or two on each section of the bulb.  Then, one final burst on the top of the bulb.

It will look like the bulb is covered and no light will shine through.  STOP!

The light will shine through, don’t worry.

UPDATE: Below are day and night photos of the custom blinker bulbs.