Coilovers Delivered

January 26th, 2010 at 5:29 pm

The coilovers were delivered this morning.

Not sure when the install is going to happen.  Either this weekend or next.

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  1. Joshua Says:

    I am soooo inspired reaidng these stories. Jena I love your singing through the rapids and Heidi your singing to work-I love that song too and if I were in the car alone I would join you : O . Dana my future daughter in law and I went to the hockey game last Thursday. We ate pretzels and drank beer and had a blast! Kim my son had a blankie too. I know what you mean. Mary I have thought of you soooo often and wonder how it is all working out. Thank you for finding your way to my blog. It means a lot that you love it. Ruth I have been taking pictures of trees and thinking of you.Reading all of these makes me love my life over and over and over…it is contagious!!!

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